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2023 Dreamer

Finley and his family were recently promoted to alumni status after spending time with us in June 2023!

We had a chance to catch up with his mom Kylie and hear a little bit about their experience.

"Our kids will tell you that their favorite thing this summer was Ocean City because our family loves the beach, being outside, and the feeling of our feet in the sand," said Kylie.

"We could do lots of things amidst not having to worry about the cost," she added. "Sometimes the beauty of vacation is that you don't have to think about it. I didn't need to think about all of the appointments and therapies! I lovingly say that I live and work this life, this special needs life, because I am a school social worker in an education program. I think far too often families don't do stuff outside of their bubble because they have a fear of judgment and fear of the unknown, but it's how you help your kids."

Kylie concluded by explaining that both Finley and his brother are autistic, and that "their week in OCNJ presented a space to try new things and embrace challenges with a relaxed vacation mindset!"

We asked Kylie which of our local business sponsors they really relied on and loved—she said:

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