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Zach Urda

Beachview Dreams Foundation is proud to introduce the Zach Urda Memorial Fund.  Zach was a beloved guest from Northeast Pennsylvania who had autism. He came with his family to Beachview Dreams every year from the very beginning. Zach passed away in the fall of 2017. His family's world was turned upside down and their hearts have been broken. Zach was always a huge advocate for those with autism and was a classroom leader at his autism school. He especially tried to help his younger brother, Nico, and his baby sister, Shaylin, who were also diagnosed with autism. Zach's biggest goal was to prove to the world that autism doesn't make you less, just different.

Zach loved Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh. He was an amazing big brother, son, grandson, nephew, and friend.

We are honoring Zach's life by giving away a vacation each summer to family with a loved one on the autistic spectrum. Zach loved the beach - especially in Ocean City! He would want another family to feel the joy that he felt on vacation at Beachview Dreams.

Celebrate Zach's Birthday (August 24th) with your donation:

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Prefer to mail a check?  You may send it to:


Beachview Dreams Foundation,

PO Box 26174

Collegeville, PA 19426.

Zach Urda Memorial Fund Recipients



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Like so many this year, Covid has affected Matthew's daily life.  He has shown strength and courage and continues to muscle through!  We were happy to award Matthew with this very special vacation through the Zach Urda Memorial Fund for individuals on the autistic spectrum.

To pay it forward and continue the spirit of giving, please click on this link >>>

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Dylan, Marissa, and Ryan

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With 3 children on the autistic spectrum, the Swanson family has many challenges. It doesn't stop them from living life to the fullest!  They feel blessed and they share their blessings with others.  Jaime and Daryl open their home to families in need with a food pantry they were running out of their dining room until recently when their church offered them space to assist more people.  Their ministry is an example the importance of giving back.  When we give, the returns are bountiful.

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To pay it forward and continue the spirit of giving, please click on this link >>>

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In Memoriam

These people are forever in our hearts. They may have stayed at Beachview Dreams, supported our mission, or had donations made in their honor. The world was a sweeter place with your smile in it!



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Sally Greenwood

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Mike Natisin

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