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2015 Dreamer

Steven is a Dreamer from 2015—the first year of Beachview! We recently had the pleasure of catching up with his sister, Rose-Marie, to hear about what he is up to.

Steven is very outgoing and thrives on being around people. Always offering others a big happy smile, he is known to be a killer dancer! "At my wedding, he was on the center of the dance floor," Rose-Marie shared, "and everyone was partying around him. His favorite song to dance to is the YMCA and he leads it EVERY time it comes on!"

Rose-Marie continued: "Besides being the life of the party, Steven loves to help people. During everything with the COVID-19 shutdown, he began working with one of his support staff, Shannon, to make delivery bags to donate to the homeless in Kensington. Many of the individuals Steven took the time to consider had struggled to find support from federal or state resources due to distance protocol. Since 2020, the effort has grown and -become an entire volunteer project called Steven's Bags that remains dedicated to providing decorated bags with necessary items for the unhoused, including non-perishable foods, sanitary products, razors, soap, ponchos, and essentials."

Rose Marie said this ongoing project is a great way for "Steven to help the community out and feel like he was doing something. That is who he is."

We are so honored to know Steven. To support him and his endeavors, visit the group Steven's Bags on Facebook or check out a performance by Acting Antics, an inclusive theatre group he performs with!

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