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2023 Dreamer

Aubrey and her family stayed with us during the summer of 2023.

Aubrey's mom, Desiree, shared this with us:

"It was a wonderful experience and we were so, so grateful for the opportunity to stay and have a carefree week. We were coming off of a hospital stay so it was just extra sweet to bring her there and let her heal in the sunshine!"

Desiree added that their family went to the beach almost every day with all six kids and had a blast during their stay.

"We just adore Megan and John and adore their cause," Desiree proclaimed. "I can't imagine supporting any other business given what they [John and Megan] do with part of their business. We tell anyone that can listen about it!"

Three local OC businesses that Aubrey and her family enjoyed were:
- Augie's Cafe 
- Jon & Patty's Coffee Bar & Bistro 
- Gillians Wonderland Pier
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